KDDC 2019 Incentive Program

Kentucky Dairy Development Council is offering a one-time incentive program opportunity for Kentucky dairy producers to participate in and capture the benefits from the new Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program administered through Farm Service Agency (FSA).

Analyzing the Dairy Margin Coverage Program under the 2018 Farm Bill, the KDDC board members voted to issue a program to help producers utilize the new DMC program at the June 6, 2019 KDDC Board meeting. It was a unanimous decision for the board to help producers with the cost of utilizing this program. Also, it was approved by the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board on June 21st .

The current 2019 DMC program will be retroactive to January 2019 with months January through April already qualifying for payments for producers. Producers locking in coverage levels now until 2023 can also receive a discount of 25% on DMC premium costs. Producers have until September 20,2019 to sign up. Producers also have until this date to make any changes to coverage levels.

KDDC’s DMC Incentive Program will pay one- half of the insurance premium cost up to $1,000.00 per farm. Below are specifics of the program:

  • This incentive program is provided through KDDC only using KDDC funds

  • Producers must sign up at the highest coverage level at $9.50

  • Producers must sign up for the 5-year period, locking in coverage level at $9.50 through 2023

  • Producers need to submit verification before KDDC can issue a payment

  • Producers are required to submit a copy of the FSA signup Form CCC-801 and copy of payment receipt for verification

  • These can be submitted to your regional dairy consultant

  • Please sign below and fill out the information so payments can be made in a timely manner after the September 20, 2019 deadline.

  • Any questions contact your KDDC Consultant: Dave Roberts, 859-516-1409; Beth Cox, 859-516-1619; Meredith Scales, 859-516-1966 and Jennifer Hickerson, 859-516-2458

FSA Dairy Margin Coverage Program levels
January $7.71
February $ 7.91
March $ 8.66
April $ 8.82
May $ 9.00
June $8.63

KDDC Incentive Program Form

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