Each farm family is unique, but they all care

More than 75,000 farm families call Kentucky home. No matter their size or what they raise, they each dedicate themselves to growing food for their customers in a way they feel is most respectful of their animals and environment while providing the quality their customers want. Farming is a business and a way of life, and most all farmers want to be able to pass this heritage on to the next generation.

Featured Farm Family


Lowe Family, Warren County

For many farm families in Kentucky, farming is not just a career or way of life but a family legacy that continues down through generations. A perfect example of this is the Lowe Family that has been farming in the same community for 219 years. When the Lowe family moved near the Barren River in 1799, George Washington was still living and Lewis and Clark had not yet ventured west. Kentucky was at the time the western frontier.