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 Poultry and Livestock Drive Kentucky Agriculture

Sales of poultry and livestock account for more than 50 percent of cash receipts for Kentucky farmers. Add in the value of local forages and grains fed to Kentucky livestock, and it is easy to tell that these industries need to be grown and protected for continued economic prosperity.

 Our Farmers


Each farm family is unique, but they all care

More than 75,000 farm families call Kentucky home. No matter their size or what they raise, they each dedicate themselves to growing food for their customers in a way they feel is most respectful of their animals and environment, and providing the quality their customers want. Farming is a business and a way of life, and most all want to be able to pass this heritage on to the next generation.  


The Ragland family still farms land that was adjacent to the Lincoln homestead in the early 1800s. They raise pork and grain crops.

"I grew up as a dairy farmer". Tour a dairy farm and see how well the cows are taken care of!

Barren County holds the distinction of being the largest cattle producing county in Kentucky, including beef and dairy. But that's not the only thing that makes the county so special. It's also the cattlemen that live there, who raise their cattle there, and who give back to the community around them.



The goal of the Kentucky Livestock Coalition is not only to educate law makers and the public about the impact of the Kentucky livestock industry, but to share the stories of how Kentucky’s livestock farmers care about their animals’ well being, environmental sustainability, and food safety.


Animal care

In 2012, the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission was created as a response to efforts in other states to adopt standards based more on perception than sound science. Those standards threatened to impact the economic competitiveness of the farmers in those states without materially improving the care of their animals. 

Food Quality

Kentucky's farmers are committed to providing safe, affordable food, whether that be on a small or large scale. More than 93 percent of farms in the U.S. are family farms, so when you make purchases at the grocery store, you can be confident that family farmers are working hard to fill your cart.



Kentucky poultry and livestock farmers are committed to protecting the environment and our natural resources. We have been utilizing best management practices that lead to sustainability for generations, we just called it conservation.



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Members of the Kentucky Livestock Coalition represent a diverse group of livestock producer, grain producer, and farm organizations interested in educating the public and policy makers on responsible, safe, food animal production. If you are interested in being a part of this organization, please contact us.